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What We Offer

TO INFLUENCE how local, state and federal governments manage critical issues

TO EDUCATE voters about government leaders and issues

TO TRAIN volunteers to elect more Republicans

TO PARTICIPATE in the development of political platforms

TO ENCOURAGE Republican women to run for office

Our Membership Dues Include:


Cowtown Republican Women Membership

Let’s get this party started!

Texas Federation of Republican Women Membership

The Most Powerful Women’s Political Organization in Texas

National Federation of Republican Women

There’s a place for you at our table. Whether you’re a student, a business woman, a mother, there’s a place for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a member of CRW if I am a member of another Texas Federation of Republican Women (“TFRW”) Club?

No, not an active voting member but you may be an associate member at a lower fee of $20

Can men join CRW?

Yes, as an associate member and are always welcome.

Is there a requirement to participate in volunteer service hours?

No, that is not a requirement but Republican women are active in conservative principles daily that hours accrue naturally. It is the goal of CRW to report 8,000 annual hours. Along with other TFRW clubs in Texas we contributed over 1 million volunteer hours to the Republican party in 2016.

Is child care available during the meetings?

Not at this time.

What is the parking situation?

Parking is free.

Who is TFRW?
TFRW provides the avenue for women to influence policy, develop candidates and elect the leaders of Texas. We are a multi-generational, multicultural organization that provides the structure and support for political activists to learn, engage and flourish. Learn more.
Who is NFRW?
Founded in 1938, the National Federation of Republican Women is one of the largest grassroots political organizations in the country with thousands of active members in local clubs across the nation.

We empower women from all backgrounds in the political process and provide a forum for women to serve as leaders in the political, government, and civic arenas.

Our objectives are to:

  • Inform the public through political and legislative education, training and activity;
  • recruit, train and elect Republican candidates;
  • protect the integrity of our electoral process;
  • promote the principles, objectives and policies of the Republican Party;
  • unite and facilitate cooperation among the state and club organizations; and,
  • increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government.

Learn More.

“Over my tenure as governor, I have come not only to respect the political muscle of the Federation; I’ve come to respect the brains. All of us depend on your efforts and energies.”
George W. Bush,

NFRW convention address, 1999

“Thanks to your energy and talent, you’ve often been called the foot soldiers of our party. But that description is becoming outdated. You’ve got a good share of generals in your ranks—and that share is growing.”
Ronald Reagan,

NFRW convention address, Oct. 7, 1983

“I can assure you the National Federation is an organization of Republican women whose power, prestige, perception, and purpose will never be underestimated by anyone.”
Gerald R. Ford,

NFRW convention address, Sept. 13, 1975

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